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Superior Energy Resources (SER) - Your Trusted Source for General Construction Matting Solutions in Construction and Related Industries

Superior Energy Resources (SER) is your dedicated provider of top-tier General Construction Matting Solutions, specifically engineered to meet the rigorous demands of the construction and related industries. Our extensive array of matting systems, including Ground Protection Mats, Wooden Swamp Mats, Track-out Control Mats, and a variety of specialized options, guarantees a stable and solid foundation for your operations. Experience how SER delivers unmatched support and durability to your projects.

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Screenshot 2024 03 05 at 2.46.10 PMGround Protection Mats Our Ground Protection Mats are designed for superior terrain protection, safeguarding sensitive landscapes against the impact of heavy machinery and traffic. These mats are built for durability and efficiency, enabling your operations to continue smoothly while minimizing environmental footprints. They enhance safety and accessibility at your sites, significantly reducing restoration expenses after project completion.

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Wooden Swamp Mats Constructed from durable hardwood, our Wooden Swamp Mats are indispensable for providing stability in swampy or otherwise unstable conditions. These eco-friendly mats support heavy equipment effectively while protecting the underlying natural terrain. Opt for Wooden Swamp Mats for an environmentally responsible solution to navigating tough landscapes.

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Trackout Control Mats Maintain cleanliness and compliance at your construction site with our Trackout Control Mats. These mats are crucial for reducing the transfer of debris from sites to public roadways, helping to cut down on cleanup costs and prevent environmental contamination. Essential for any project, these mats ensure your operations uphold integrity and earn community respect.

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Construction Access Mats – 3-ply Composite Enable easy access to remote or ecologically sensitive construction sites with our 3-ply Composite Access Mats. These mats are lightweight yet robust, ideal for constructing temporary roadways or platforms. They allow your operations to reach remote areas without damaging the environment. Their interlocking design ensures quick and secure installation.

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Custom Mats and Fixtures At SER, we recognize that one size does not fit all. We excel in providing Custom Mats and Fixtures tailored to the unique specifications of your projects. Whether you need particular sizes, materials, or functionalities, our team is ready to create custom solutions that seamlessly integrate with your operational requirements.

At Superior Energy Resources, we understand the pivotal role that matting solutions play in the success of construction and oil & gas projects. Our comprehensive selection, from Ground Protection to Customized Matting Solutions, is crafted to offer the safety, durability, and environmental protection essential for advancing your projects confidently. Rely on SER to keep your operations stable, efficient, and compliant.