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Superior Energy Resources (SER) is your go-to provider for innovative Heavy Matting Solutions tailored for the demanding needs of the Oil & Gas and Construction Industries. Our comprehensive range of heavy matting systems, including Ground Protection Mats, Wooden Swamp Mats, Track-out Control Mats, and various specialized options, ensures your operations are supported on solid ground, literally. Discover how SER brings unparalleled support and durability to your projects.

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Construction & Drilling Rig Mats – SER Manufactured Composite Blocking

SER’s own Composite Blocking for Construction and Drilling Rig Mats offers unmatched durability and load distribution. These mats are engineered to withstand extreme conditions, ensuring your site remains operational and safe, no matter the challenge. Optimize your project’s foundation with SER’s advanced composite technology.

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Access Mats – 3-ply Composite

Facilitate easy access to remote or sensitive sites with our 3-ply Composite Access Mats. These lightweight yet sturdy mats are perfect for creating temporary roadways or platforms, ensuring your operations can extend anywhere without harming the landscape. Their interlocking design makes installation swift and secure.

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Crane Mats – Steel Reinforced Composite Timber

For the ultimate in strength and durability, our Steel Reinforced Composite Timber Crane Mats are unrivaled. Designed to support the heaviest loads, these mats guarantee stability for cranes and other heavy machinery. The integration of steel reinforcement with composite timber combines the best of both worlds – unmatched durability with environmental consideration.

SER Custom Mats Fixtures

Custom Heavy Mats and Fixtures

SER doesn’t stop at standard solutions. We specialize in Custom Heavy Duty Mats and Fixtures, designed to meet your project's with heavier weight requirements. Whether you need specific dimensions, materials, or performance features, our team is equipped to deliver custom solutions that fit perfectly into your operational needs.

At Superior Energy Resources, we understand the critical role matting solutions play in the success of Oil & Gas and Construction projects. Our comprehensive range, from Heavy Matting Solutions, is designed to provide you with the safety, durability, and environmental protection you need to push your projects forward with confidence. Trust SER to keep your operations stable, efficient, and compliant.